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Financial Capability

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Financial education and empowerment are essential services for the whole family. Financial Capability services include financial education through workshops or one-on-one coaching and access to low cost financial products. 

On on One Coaching

A financial coach helps their clients with the basics of money management. They work with clients who may have a bad relationship with money or who have other obstacles keeping them from managing their finances well. Their goal is to help their clients develop healthy money habits that will last. Financial coaches educate their clients on the basics of personal finance and work with them to create a  financial plan  that reflects their goals. They also empower their clients to take responsibility for their decisions and provide accountability as their clients work to implement the lessons they learn. 

Financial Workshops

MAOF provides general financial education through workshops that introduce clients to the financial mainstream. Below are examples of workshop topics.

Budgeting & Savings

Establishing & Building Credit

Understanding a Credit Report & Score

The Do's & Don'ts of Credit Card Usage

Identity Theft Protection

Consumers’ Rights & Protection

Plus more!

MAOF Financial Workshops

Payday Relief Fund Program (PRFP)

MAOF has partnered with Esusu to support individuals with high interest short term debt to help turn their finances around. This program can help with:

Payoff High Interest Loans

Increase Your Saving

Access to Savings Match Funds

Build Your Credit