Children and Parent at MAOF's head start program

Alternative Payment Programs & CalWORKs

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State and federal voucher childcare subsidy programs assist income eligible families with a qualifying need with assistance to pay for childcare.  The programs serve children under the age of 13, children with exceptional needs may be served up to age 21. A key component of the voucher programs is parental choice. This allows enrolled families to choose the childcare setting that meets the specific needs of the family.  

Alternative Payment Program

The California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP) funded by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Child Care and Development Division (CCDD) provides childcare subsidy assistance to income-eligible families who have a qualifying need as defined by the funding source. The program serves children under the age of 13 whose parent(s) are employed, seeking employment, seeking permanent housing, incapacitated, engaged in a vocational training or education program, or whose children are receiving protective services or have been identified as at risk of abused neglected or exploited.

Parent picking up their child at MOAF's childcare programs