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Dionicio Morales, Mexican American Opportunity Foundation Founder

MAOF was founded in 1963 by Latino civil rights leader and social entrepreneur, Dionicio Morales, after a meeting with then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson at the White House. As part of a national affirmative action effort, the government funded the establishment of the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation to elevate opportunities for the Mexican-American community to fully participate in the U.S. workforce.

Thereafter, MAOF became the vanguard in social programs. The organization set out to improve the quality of education of young Latinos; the civic education of entire communities; the participation of its senior citizens; the reformation of the imprisoned population; the enhancement of women’s rights; and the active participation and contribution of Americans of Mexican heritage. Dionicio went on to become the de facto Ambassador of Goodwill between Mexico and the United States – a legacy that has continued for decades as MAOF currently fosters relationships with leaders and elected officials in Mexico. 

Dionicio Morales, Mexican American Opportunity Foundation Founder
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Activism solves problems while rhetoric talks.

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Dionicio Morales